Life Is Short (CoVid Deaths)

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Gone too soon. A young dedicated mother survived by her four young daughters and a loving husband. Despite her healthy lifestyle, just two years ago, my niece succumbed to her deadly disease. Death is not a respecter of age ,status or gender and neither does it intend to alert any of us of its impending arrival.

It has its own timetable that it wishes not to make us privy to. It may come much sooner to some and much later to others, but it will surely beckon all of us to come. Life is short ,but if we heed the word of God on how we ought to live while we are here, it will be a life well lived for His glory. You and I can leave this world a better place one day if we choose to live each day with a purpose of touching lives and making a difference because of how we love and how we live our short lives.

Pause and Ponder:

1. Are you using your time wisely? Are you living your life each day with gratitude or with a bad attitude?What consumes you or moves you to do what you do, day in and day out?

2. How is your heart today? What preoccupies your thoughts? Are they good or positive ones or are they malicious and negative? Hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness, ill-will?

3. If death comes knocking on your door today, will you be found doing what is right and pleasing in God‘s eyes or will it be shameful and lamentable?


Death is real and it will surely come anytime when you least expect it. If there is anything in your life that you know isn’t right, cut it, give it up! If there is someone you need to ask forgiveness from, do it! If there is someone you need to forgive, give it! Don’t wait another day because it may never come.

Mia Urquico
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Mia Urquico is a fashion designer for her own brand Mico which means ,
Make a difference
Inspire others
One with you
She is a lifelong learner ,encourager and a committed follower of Christ .

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