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What you need most when you are in your darkest moment, tormented by the agony of your heart and your soul is comfort and  the strength to keep up your courage. When your world seems to spin out of control and the chaos and madness have driven you to a stupor and a miasma of despair, helplessness and fear, what you you need to get back on your feet and remain standing is comfort – that God is in control of your life and He can carry you through.

God, the Father and the only source of comfort was with you when your spouse told you he no longer loved you and the woman of your dreams had been cheating on you. He was with you when tragedy struck  and the love of your life is no longer with you. He is with you when the phone just hang up and you had  been told that your investment has gone awry and your entire savings are wiped out.

God will always be  with you ,to comfort, help and strengthen you so that one day, as you remember how you made it to where you are today, you will be moved to give the same compassion, to comfort and help someone who is in pain and trouble in the best way you know how because you have been a recipient of that comfort too. There is no other way you will know the depth of what it’s like to be in such dire need for help if you have never known pain and sorrow.


1. Are you grieving, broken and in pain? While there are no words to fully capture the depth of your agony and sorrow and there is no amount of money that can allow you to buy the relief that you badly need, God, the one who knows you deeply sees exactly what you need right now-his love, comfort and strength. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of His loving embrace for you.

2. If you have been a recipient of God‘s love and comfort, how have you been using that same comfort to reach out, empathize  with the people around you who are hurting, troubled and in need of comfort too?


If you feel broken, are hurting and grieving today and you have sought relief by drowning your pain in alcohol, drugs, gambling, womanizing, extravagant shopping, anything other than seeking comfort from God, then know that you are just prolonging your agony. There is no real peace, strength and comfort outside of God, the only source of comfort.

Mia Urquico
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Mia Urquico is a fashion designer for her own brand Mico which means ,
Make a difference
Inspire others
One with you
She is a lifelong learner ,encourager and a committed follower of Christ .

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