15 Practical Things To Do On How To Deal With Grief (Part Three)

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I was in isolation, it was very tempting to wallow in sadness and pity-party. However, after quite some time, I got up and started opening up myself for others the way I used to.

This is the conclusion of the 3-part article on Practical Things in Dealing with Grief:


I thought that living as a housewife and being a mom is the totality of my existence and I was so happy just standing at the background while my husband took the lead. However, when I became a widow, I never realized that I can be more than that. When I was forced to the edge, that’s when I realized that I can fulfill other roles which I was afraid to plunge in before.  I discovered that I can be a better leader of the house, I can be a reliable breadwinner and I even reinvented myself!  I gave in to my children’s suggestion of trying a new hair color and length and even try on new wardrobe to create a new look, and I like what I saw in the mirror! 😊 You may also try learning new things like trying on foreign languages, honing your technical know-how, enrolling on online courses and even trying out a small business. Who knows, a big opportunity awaits as you discover the new you! 😊


Many people grow old without fulfilling at least 3 of the things in their bucket list. Now that the Lord is opening new doors and opportunities for me, I make use of my time reflecting on the things that I am learning as a widow. This paved a way for me to open up a new ministry to reach out to so many people while fulfilling one of my unfulfilled dream and that is to be blogger/writer.  Life doesn’t end with losing a loved one. I know that deep in the hearts of our departed ones, they would want us to go on living and chase our unfulfilled dreams even if they are no longer around.  Maybe it’s time for you to chase your dream of becoming a dancer, a swimmer, a hiker, a singer, a designer or even become a doctor or a teacher? Chase your dreams! It’s never too late! Facing tomorrow with a glimpse of hope will bring healing faster.


One of the most important thing that I have proven to be a very effective antidote for grief is living for others.  During the time that I was in isolation, it was very tempting to wallow in sadness and pity-party. However, after quite some time, I got up and started opening up myself for others the way I used to. I joined the support group and began writing again. Through this, God led me to meet new people whom I can reach out and seeing their responses fueled me again.  There is so much fulfillment having known that there is a purpose for your pain, and one of those is to be an inspiration for others.


Rediscovering yourself is an inward gesture while living for others is an outward stance. Finding a support group will put everything in its proper balance. This brings nourishment and replenishment to your soul and will prevent you from burning out. Even if at times you may want to revert to isolation, having a support group where you can always bounce back is a very healthy way to assure you that there are always people who have your back. Having them will also put you on accountability to give them the freedom to check on you so you won’t get derailed on your way to recovery. 😊


let me just borrow some of the best quotes that I have read regarding our predicament:

“Grief blocks my ability to see God. But I should not conclude that He is absent. “

— Dr. Paul David Tripp, Grief Share

“What is coming will make sense of what is happening now. Let God finish his work. Let the composer complete his symphony. The forecast is simple. Good days. Bad days. But God is in ALL DAYS. He is the Lord of the famine and the feast, and He uses BOTH to accomplish HIs will.”

— You’ll Get Through This by Max Lucado
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